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Small Cell Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prognosis
Jun 3, 2014 ... Small cell lung cancer (also called oat cell carcinoma) accounts for 15% of lung cancers. Unlike the more common non-small cell lung cancers, ...
Small Cell Lung Cancer Survival Rates - About.com
May 17, 2014 ... Small cell lung cancer survival can vary among different people. What affects small cell lung cancer survival and what are the statistics?
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Types - About.com
Non-small cell lung cancer is the most common form of lung cancer. What are the symptoms and treatment options for this type of lung cancer?
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lungs In-Depth - Lung Cancer
May 19, 2014 ... Squamous cell carcinoma of the lungs is one form of non-small cell lung cancer. Non-small cell lung cancers account for about 80% of lung ...
Lung Cancer Survival Rates by Type and Stage
Smoking cessation is demonstrated to improve survival in patients with early stage non-small cell lung cancer and in some patients with small cell lung cancer .
Symptoms of Lung Cancer Spread to the Brain
Both small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer commonly spread ... Small cell lung cancer can spread to the brain rapidly, often before the diagnosis  ...
What is Stage 4 Lung Cancer Life Expectancy - About.com
That said, the median stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer life expectancy (the time at which 50% of patients are alive and 50% have passed away) is only around ...
What is Squamous Cell Lung Cancer Prognosis
May 17, 2014 ... Most of the statistics we have look at all types of non-small cell lung cancer grouped together. Of these, the prognosis for squamous cell ...
Large Cell Carcinoma of the Lungs - Lung Cancer - About.com
May 19, 2014 ... Large cell carcinoma is a form of non-small cell lung cancer. What are the symptoms, treatments, and prognosis of large cell carcinoma of the ...
Small Cell Lung Cancer - About.com
Small cell lung cancer is caused primarily by smoking, and therefore largely preventable. Despite responding well to chemotherapy, the 5 year survival rate ...
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