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Biology of Cancer

The biology of cancer includes those questions about what causes cancer to begin and how does it spread. Learning more about the molecular nature of cancer offers hope for newer and better treatments.
  1. Blood Work Tests (4)

What are Cancer Cells?
What exactly are cancer cells and how do they behave differently than normal cells?

Benign vs Malignant
What are the differences between tumors that are benign and those that are malignant?

What are Precancerous Cells?
Precancerous cells may be found in nearly any area of the body. What are these cells, and what might you expect if your doctor says you have precancerous cells?

Cancer Cells vs Normal Cells
There are many differences that distinguish cancer cells from normal cells. What are some of these differences?

p 53 Gene
What role does the p53 gene in the development and growth of cancer?

Cancer Viruses
It's thought that cancer viruses cause between 15 and 20% of cancers worldwide.

Natural Killer Cells
Natural killer cells play an important role in the prevention and progression and cancer. What is this role?

Apoptosis can determine if an abnormal cell will be removed from the body, or linger on becoming a cancerous tumor. What is this process?

How Does Cancer Spread?
We know that cancer often spreads, but how and why does it spread?

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