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Coping With Lung Cancer


Coping with lung cancer is easier with the support of family and friends, but it is important to practice good self-care as well. Being prepared for doctor visits, knowing the common side effects of your treatments and ways to manage them, and having suggestions for how loved ones can help you in your journey can go a long way in helping you cope day to day.
  1. Caring For Yourself
  2. Emotional Health
  3. Coping With Side Effects of Treatment
  4. Family Support
  1. End of Life Issues
  2. People With Lung Cancer
  3. Other Resources
  4. Share Your Thoughts

Caring For Yourself

Being prepared for visits with your oncologist, and understanding the effects of your conditions, can help you take an active part in your cancer treatment.

Emotional Health

Your emotional health is as important as your physical health when living with lung cancer. How can you take care of yourself emotionally during this time?

Coping With Side Effects of Treatment

Lung cancer treatment unfortunately causes side effects. Here are some of the common side effects and thoughts to help you cope with them as you go through treatment.

Family Support

We want to help our loved ones with cancer, but sometimes don't know what they need. Take a look at suggestions that have helped others with cancer, but don't forget to take care of yourself while you're caring for others, too.

End of Life Issues

Sadly, for many people with lung cancer it is important to look at end-of-life issues. What are your wishes? What are the wishes of your loved one?

People With Lung Cancer

We can read everything available on lung cancer, but sometimes the greatest help comes from hearing the stories of other lung cancer survivors.

Other Resources

Resources for sharing your questions and finding further information about lung cancer.

Share Your Thoughts

There is nothing that compares to hearing stories from real people who are living with lung cancer, and those who care for them. Do you have tips to share? Is there something or someone who helped you in a special way? User answers are a great way to add your thoughts to our articles on About.com.

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