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Cancer Survivorship

The area of cancer survivorship is a relatively new topic in oncology. As more people are surviving cancer, or treating cancer as a chronic disease, we are becoming aware of some of the lasting side effects of treatment, and the need to reinvent ourselves as survivors. From alternative therapies to help with the symptoms, to understanding moleculaer profiling, to advocacy, there is much to be learned and shared about survivorship.
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National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
This wonderful advocacy organization provides a multitude of information for people facing cancer survivorship with information on talking with your doctor, your employment rights, and a handy cancer survivor toolbox found under the resource section of the site.

American Cancer Society - Survivorship: During and After Treatment
The American Cancer Society provides information on nutrition after cancer, exercise, survivorship care plans, and more.

National Cancer Survivor's Day
Each year one day is dedicated to the 14 million people living with cancer in the United States. This is the official Website where you can learn about, read about, and if you would like, organize an event to celebrate this day.

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