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During Your Pneumonectomy

The Procedure


Updated September 16, 2013

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During Your Pneumonectomy - The Procedure

In the operating room, you will be given a general anesthetic to put you to sleep, and an endotracheal tube will be placed through your mouth to allow a ventilator to breathe for you during surgery.

A long incision will be made along your side following the curve of your ribs. The surgeon will spread your ribs and may remove a portion of a rib to gain access to your lung.

When your lung is adequately exposed, the surgical team will collapse your lung that contains the cancer. The major blood vessels (arteries and veins) traveling to your lung will be tied off, and the bronchus leading to the lung will be tied off and sewn shut.

After your lung is removed, the surgeon will carefully check to make sure all bleeding is controlled, and will then close the incisions.

The space remaining where your lung had been will gradually fill in with fluid.

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