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Readers Respond: What Tips Do You Have For Coping With Cancer Fatigue?

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Updated July 28, 2009

From the article: Coping With Cancer Fatigue
Coping with cancer fatigue is one of the most frustrating concerns during cancer treatment. Cancer fatigue is different from "regular fatigue." Trying to push through the tiredness or drinking caffeinated beverages just doesn't do it. Some people find that asking for help, exercising moderately, or prioritizing acitivites is helpful in managing cancer fatigue. What have you found to be most helpful in coping with cancer fatigue? Please share your tips, and read what others have found to be helpful. Share Your Tips

Nature Heals~

Walk slowly & watch the sky,touch the trees,notice the colours of flowers & trees,tune in to birdsounds~Pray,meditate,cry~Have faith in your body & its amazing power to regenerate its cellular structures~Hold strong to your hope,cultivate acceptance & love yourself~Take long baths,swim in the sea,shower lots~Water is a powerful healing tool,use it~Rest,be gentle with your heart & mind~Talk & sing out your pain~Write down what you are feeling,lean softly on a supportive friend~Be aware of your needs & listen to your heart~Sing,dance,drum,listen to music,take long walks by the ocean~Treasure your time & the gift of healing occurring within you~
—Guest Faith Greenwood

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What Tips Do You Have For Coping With Cancer Fatigue?

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