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When a Parent Has Lung Cancer: Tony Hawk Remembers

Tony Hawk, flickr.com

Pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk shares what life was like, and what can help, when a parent has lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Spotlight10

Reasons Medicare Should Cover Lung Cancer Screening

Against the advice of many medical organizations, Medicare doesn't pay for lung cancer screening. Why not if it saves lives? How does it compare to other screenings?

Lung Cancer Linked With Breast Cancer Gene (BRCA2)

How can a gene known for increasing breast cancer risk (BRCA2) also raise the risk of developing lung cancer, and how do you know if it affects you?

Importance of a Second Opinion with Lung Cancer

Getting a second opinion with lung cancer is not only expected, but extremely important. Why? How can you find a second opinion lung cancer doctor?

Alternative Treatments for Cancer - An Integrative Approach

Alternative therapies such as acupuncture and guided imagery, are increasingly becoming integrated into a successful cancer treatment plan.

Talking to a Friend with Lung Cancer

What should you and shouldn't you say to someone with lung cancer?

What Does a Day with Lung Cancer Look Like and Sound Like?

This beautiful song talks of living with lung cancer.

Free Telephone Conference on Cancer and the Affordable Care Act in 2014

What does the affordable care act of 2014 mean for people with cancer?

Online Lung Cancer Support Groups

Lung cancer support groups can be hard to find, let alone traveling during treatment for cancer. Online support groups offer a perfect solution.

Importance of Lung Cancer Support Groups

Lung cancer support from peers is so important -- I've seen it with my own eyes.

Preventing Side Effects From Radiation Therapy

What can you do to reduce your symptoms during radiation treatment?

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