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Lung Cancer and Smoking

Lung cancer and smoking have been linked for a long time now. What do we know about smoking and lung cancer prevention. What are the statistics about lung cancer and smoking. And very importantly, is it worth it to stop smoking after a diagnosis of lung cancer?
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Smoking and Lung Cancer
We know that smoking causes lung cancer, but what are the statistics, why does smoking cause lung cancer, and what types of lung cancer does smoking cause?

Health Effects of Smoking
What are the effects of smoking? The effects of smoking go far beyond lung cancer, and can result in problems from bladder cancer to infertility to difficulty controlling pain. Are you familiar with these health effects of smoking?

Should I Quit Smoking After a Diagnosis of Lung Cancer?
We know that smoking causes lung cancer, but is it worth it to quit after being diagnosed with lung cancer?

Coping With "Smoker's Guilt" When You Have Lung Cancer
People with lung cancer may experience guilt if they smoke or have smoked in the past. How can you cope with that guilt so you can focus on becoming as healthy as possible now?

Secondhand Smoke and Lung Cancer
What are the statistics about secondhand smoke and lung cancer? Why does secondhand smoke cause lung cancer and how can you protect yourself?

Your Quit Smoking Toolbox
This article from our About.com Guide to Smoking Cessation, gives you the tools you need to successfully quit for good.

The Japan Smoking/Lung Cancer Paradox
Even though there are more smokers in Japan, the incidence of lung cancer is lower. What are some possible reasons for this smoking/lung cancer paradox?

How Do Lung Cancer Patients Feel When Family Members Smoke?
People with lung cancer often have family members who still smoke. How might someone with lung cancer feel if his or her loved ones smoke?

Tips for Lung Cancer Survivors Who Have Loved Ones Who Smoke
If you are living with lung cancer and have loved ones who smoke, how can you deal with it? Check out these tips.

Tips for Smokers Who Have Loved Ones With Lung Cancer
If you smoke and have a loved one with lung cancer, check out these tips.

What Percentage of Smokers Get Lung Cancer?
What percentage of smokers get lung cancer? We know that smoking is responsible for a large percent of lung cancers, but what are the statistics?

Diseases Caused by Smoking
We know that smoking causes lung cancer, but check out this list of diseases caused by smoking.

What is Third-Hand Smoke
The term third-hand smoke is a relatively new term used to describe the toxins that remain on surfaces from clothing to carpeting after a cigarette is extinguished. Is third-hand smoke a cause for worry?

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