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Lung Nodules and Masses

Lung nodules and lung masses are common findings on x-ray studies of the chest. What are the possible causes of these abnormalities, and what tests are done to look for these causes?

Understanding Lung Nodules
It can be frightening if your doctor finds a lung nodule on your x-ray. What causes lung nodules, how are they diagnosed, and what can you expect if you have been diagnosed with a lung nodule or lung nodules?

Causes of Lung Nodules
What causes lung nodules? Lung nodules are found in 1 in 500 x-rays done in the United States and can cause considerable anxiety. What are the most common benign and cancerous causes of lung nodules?

Solitary Pulmonary Nodules
What are solitary pulmonary nodules? What are the chances that a solitary pulmonary nodule is cancer, and what will my doctor recommend to find out? What are other causes of solitary pulmonary nodules?

Multiple Lung Nodules
The finding of multiple lung nodules often has different causes than a solitary pulmonary nodule. What are possible causes of multiple lung nodules?

Lung Mass - Possible Causes and What to Expect
If you’ve been told that you have a lung mass, you probably feel confused and frightened. What might be the causes of a lung mass, and what can you expect in the days ahead?

Lung Biopsy – Understanding Your Lung Biopsy
A lung biopsy may be recommended if your doctor finds an abnormality on CT scan of your chest or for some other reason. How is a lung biopsy done and what are the risks?

What is a Hamartoma?
If you’ve been told you have a hamartoma, you may feel frightened and confused. What is a hamartoma and how are they treated?

Nodules on Lung Cancer Screening
Lung cancer screening often reveals nodules, but not all of these are cancer. What are the chances a nodule is cancer?

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