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The 5 year survival rate for lung cancers overall is only 15%. Having an understanding of issues such as hospice care, the dying process, and living wills ahead of time can help avoid misunderstandings and anxiety during a time when families should be enjoying there last moments together.
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How do People Die From Lung Cancer
It's a hard question to ask, but some people wish to know what causes death from lung cancer so they can prevent deaths that are preventable, and prepare when death is inevitable.

What Can You Expect During the Final Stages of Lung Cancer
What should you expect during the final stages of lung cancer? Everyone is different, but some physical and emotional changes are very common in the final stages of lung cancer.

Hospice 101
Hospice care is an option when someone is expected to live 6 months or less. About.com's Palliative Care Guide, Angela Morrow discusses the basics of hospice care.

The Dying Process
About.com's Dying Guide, Angela Morrow, discusses the journey during the last 3 months of life.

Artificial Nutrition and Hydration
During the last days of life, cancer patients often lose their desire or ability to eat and drink. About.com's Dying Guide, Angela Morrow discusses the decisions families are faced with during this time.

Is Death Painful
Whether spoken or unspoken, many people want to know that answer to the question, "is death painful?"

When Should You Stop Cancer Treatment?
Choosing to stop cancer treatment is a difficult decision. What should you consider when thinking about discontinuing treatment?

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