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Lung Cancer Metastases (Spread)

Lung cancer metastases are far too common in people living with lung cancer. Lung cancer commonly metastasizes (spreads) to lymph nodes, the brain, to bones, and other regions of the body. Where are lung cancer metastases (spread) commonly found, what are the symptoms, and what are the treatments and prognosis for lung cancer metastases?

Where Does Lung Cancer Spread?
Lung cancer has often spread beyond the initial tumor at the time of diagnosis. Where does lung cancer spread to, what are the symptoms that lung cancer has spread, and what is the treatment and prognosis for lung cancer that has spread?

Lung Cancer Spread to the Brain
What are the symptoms and treatment options for lung cancer that has spread to the brain?

Lung Cancer Spread to Bones
Lung cancer spreads to the bones in roughly 40% of people living with lung cancer. What are the symptoms of lung cancer that has spread to the bones, and what treatment options are available?

Lung Cancer Spread to Lymph Nodes
Lung cancer often spreads first to lymph nodes near the tumor. What does it mean if lung cancer has spread to lymph nodes?

Metastatic Cancer to the Lungs
Many cancers can metastatize to the lungs. What cancers commonly spread to the lungs and how are they managed?

Lung Cancer Spread to the Liver
It's common for lung cancer to spread to the liver. What are typical symptoms, and how are liver metastases treated?

Understanding Lung Cancer Recurrence
How often does lung cancer recur and how is a lung cancer recurrence treated?

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