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What Lung Cancer Treatment is Right For You?


Finding the right treatment can take time. Options can include chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery, depending upon the type and stage of your lung cancer. Some individuals may choose to participate in clinical trials meant to evaluate new treatments, or try complementary/alternative therapies. Regardless of the route taken, treatment choice is a decision to be made by both you and your doctor.
  1. Newly Diagnosed
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Radiation Therapy
  4. Surgery
  5. Clinical Trials
  1. Complementary/Alternative Medicine
  2. Chemotherapy Side Effects
  3. Quitting Smoking
  4. Metastatic Lung Cancer Treatments

Newly Diagnosed

When you are newly diagnosed with lung cancer you may feel overwhelmed. What are the first steps you should take and what questions should you ask, so you can find the best care possible?


Chemotherapy is often used for lung cancer, alone or combined with surgery and/or radiation therapy.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy can be used for lung cancer treatment alone, or combined with surgery or chemotherapy.


Surgery can offer a chance for a cure when lung cancer is diagnosed in the earlier stages. Several different methods of surgery are available depending on the size of your tumor and where it is located.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials can give you the chance to use treatments that are not yet widely available, and also to participate in research that may help others. But, they're not right for everyone.

Complementary/Alternative Medicine

Recognizing the inability of traditional Western medicine to cure or control symptoms of lung cancer too often, more people are turning to complementary/alternative medicine as an option.

Chemotherapy Side Effects

How can you manage and cope with these common side effects of chemotherapy?

Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do to prevent lung cancer, and likely improves survival for those living with lung cancer as well.

Metastatic Lung Cancer Treatments

Metastatic lung cancer treatments depend on the location that lung cancer has spread (metastasized) to, and the symptoms you are experiencing.

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